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Clearing a Path to Joy

(And finding contentment along the way)

by Roland Kriewaldt

It's taken 28 years, but I finally finished the book I had always wanted to write — the one I needed to write. Its title is Clearing a Path to Joy, but that doesn't begin to reveal what you'll discover once you look inside...

Here's the cover, which already tells part of the story: a world in pain, set upon a lighted path with help on its way...

As you begin to read, you'll realize that every paragraph is teaching you something important to achieving a more joyful and contented life. In doing so, you'll learn about the underlying causes of everything from greed and racism to warfare. You'll also be introduced to a lingering form of mind control that has been used to entrap human minds for thousands of years by creating "Mental Empires." You'll also learn how to undo the damage using the "IPSFA Sequence" and realize that it can be used as a tool for bringing our world together in a greater state of peace and shared prosperity. How? You'll have to buy the book.

And if your mind is not full enough after that, then you'll also be offered newer, more practical definitions for love, spirituality and even learn about Kundalini Awakenings and how it feels to experience them. And of course, also introduced is a new way of analyzing human behavior using a "Physics of Psychology" approach — something from the cutting edge to assist us in our conscious evolution. In fact, the book features its own glossary of terms and ideas to help you navigate what can only be described as a "mind-growing" experience.

Sound intriguing? Want to rip that bandaid off the earth? Then buy my new book, now available in three formats at Amazon and other book retailers.

You can also read a more thorough introduction here.

Happy reading, everyone.